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Lab celebrations: Chilean style

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On the morning of our second day in Santiago (5th November) we were kindly escorted to the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) by Marisol. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Gustavo and attended a final examination seminar (en espanol) by one of Gustavo’s research undergraduate students, 'little' Rodrigo. Sharon and I were quite proud of how much we understood of his interesting seminar on the salt stress on an Antarctic grass, Deschampsia antarctica.

Rodrigo presented a huge amount of work for his thesis in his seminar, which seemed to be heavily examined by his committee. After the announcement of his excellent results that allowed him to be awarded a degree equivalent to Honours, a well-deserved celebration in the lab followed – literally in the lab!

The newly renovated laboratory of green cabinets complimented the array of goodies on offer: from cakes, biscuits, fruit, chocolate fondue, champagne and juice. It was a great way for Sharon and I to be introduced to members of Gustavo’s research group.

Chilean Celebrations 01 Chilean Celebrations 03

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