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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:35

Cooking up a storm in Antarctica

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Sundays are days off for the chefs here at Base Escudero and so research teams can use this opportunity to show off their culinary skills. Our group stepped up to the challenge last week and cooked a delicious lunch for 30 hungry workers and scientists.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the correct ingredients to host an Australian-style barbecue lunch so Gustavo led and supervised the operations for a Chilean type of cuisine. We served up beef soup followed by beef steaks in a tasty tomato-based sauce with carrots, onions and mushrooms. I was in charge of the carrots and dessert (fruit salad and ice cream), Marisol showed her excellent butchery skills, Gustavo did the rest of the prep work and Tavo was the cook. We were joined by chemists Nancy and Claudio who made the soup and spicy merken croutons.

We were too hungry after everyone else ate that we forgot to take a photo of what was on offer. However, everyone enjoyed it very much, muy rico!

         Cooking 01  Cooking 04

Cooking 03

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