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Experiments in a natural cooler

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Our time on King George Island is coming to an end and we are wrapping up some experiments that were focusing on salt, temperature, light and water stresses.

I have been running experiments in the cold and hot measuring photosynthetic efficiency at 5 to 40 °C of four moss species found on Ardley Island. It was a chilly 7 °C in the cold lab, which felt much cooler during some of the long hours spent there. But Sharon’s gloves have been very useful at times like these in the lab and in the field!

Expts 1Mel keeping warm during a temperature experiment

In addition to our experiments, natural seasonal variation of secondary metabolites in mosses has been captured for January and a follow-up team led by Marisol will continue this field sampling until late February. This will hopefully give us an idea of how sugars, phenolics, chlorophylls, proteins and a range of enzymes are changing throughout a growing season.

Expts 3

Marisol taking samples

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