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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:35

A running start to Australia Day

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After waking up very early (4 am!) to a calm and cool Australia Day; Tavo, Jorge (Chief of Base) and I tackled a 10 km run, which ended up more like an obstacle course on ice, rock and through snow trenches.

We joined tourists from all around the world who were here on King George Island to participate in the White Continent Marathon that is scheduled each year between January and March (Marathon Adventures). The tourists camped the night but the three of us were lucky to be more comfortable at the base. The course was from the upper parts of the station to the Chinese Great Wall Station and back. We completed the run in just over an hour with plenty of time to have breakfast.

 Oz Day 03

The marathon tourists arrived on the same aeroplane that a group of 20 students and their teachers departed on. This program run by INACH gives gifted students from Chile, Mexico and USA the opportunity to experience the science and life in Antarctica by visiting Base Escudero, this time between 21st Jan to 25th Jan. We demonstrated measuring photosynthesis, what happens when moss is desiccated then rehydrated and electrophoresis of peroxidase enzymes to small groups of about 4 students/teachers on the 23rd Jan. It was quite difficult for me to explain some of the techniques in Spanish but I hope our student visitors learned something new during their experience with the research group from USACH.

For more information on the students' visit see http://www.inach.cl/inach/?p=18608 (in español)

Oz Day 02

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