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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:35

Distinguished guests visit Escudero

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On the evening of Saturday 16th January many prominent international scientists (including Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry and in Physics), academics, business professionals and Chilean politicians visited Base Escudero and the laboratories. This diverse group was invited to meet in Santiago, Chile for the Congreso del Futuro to talk about climate change and the challenges facing humanity today.

They travelled to King George Island just prior to the meeting to get a glimpse of the research that is being undertaken here.

I was excited to represent USACH, UOW and the Endeavour program as I talked about and answered questions on the science of moss. Specifically, the important biochemistry and physiology that make Antarctic mosses unique, especially their ability to potentially hold records of past climate. There were approximately 40-60 people that were separated into three groups and we did not know the background of these influential people at the time so it was a surprise when we discovered their expertise the next day!

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