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Road trip into the Andes

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Sharon and Mel joined Gustavo and his wife on Saturday 7th November for a road trip heading east from Santiago - the Andes. We first practised our metro and navigation skills to meet our lovely hosts at Estacion Los Dominicos. We drove from here along the Rio Maipo into the Andes on a road called Camino al volcan (road to the volcano).

We stopped in San José de Maipo for a delicious (and filling!) al muerzo (lunch) at Hotel Santuario del Rio where we enjoyed the view of the hills. We enjoyed many Chilean delicacies including pisco sours, pebre (a type of salsa), cochayuyo (seaweed), blood and longaniza sausages, cactus fruit, mote con huesillo (peach and wheat dessert) and much more!


Heading further east, we were in awe of the beautiful and impressive landscape of the surrounding mountains. After passing a pueblo (small town) called San Gabriel, we parked the 4WD and trekked towards a gushing waterfall. When close, the spray off the waterfall was very refreshing and welcome especially during such a warm day.

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