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Is some Science-Fiction fact?

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Do invisibility cloaks actually exist? 

Is time travel real?

What is fact or fiction from sci-fi movies?

ANSTO and UOW collaboratively hosted a highly entertaining and educational event for adults and children that explored areas illustrated in many popular Sc-Fi films. These included Teleportation, Time Travel, Invisibility, Immortality, Light Sabres,

Intelligent Metals and Telekinesis. This 100 minute event was on Thursday 6th November at 7pm, free for the public and allowed the audience to vote on what they thought were the correct answers.

As part of the UOW scientific crew nominated by Will Price (with Anthony Dossetto from Earth and Environmental Sciences), I spoke to at least 600 guests about how I work with invisible things all the time, for example UV radiation. I explained my PhD research and that I'm radiocarbon dating long shoots of Antarctic moss at ANSTO. This led onto then explaining that invisibility is actually....FACT! I must have been quite convincing as I explained how invisibility technology has progressed and how metamaterials can make it possible since a man from the audience approached me afterwards asking about the next steps in the technology and how UOW was involved. But, yes, I let him know that I was performing from a script...

Rod Dowler, ANSTO, was a great host as the Doctor getting the message across that science is fun. Before the event, we were treated with drinks and canopes, during which I took the opportunity to mingle with science communicators and researchers from ANSTO and UOW.

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