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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:31

LIFT workshop - Jülich, Germany

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Last year in November, our group led by Barry Osmond hosted a LIFT (light induced fluorescence transient) meeting in Wollongong.  The second meeting was held in Germany hosted by the Forschungszentrum Jülich IBG-2: Plant Sciences. The University of Wollongong, HRPPC at CSIRO in Canberra and the Forschungszentrum Jülich are developing protocols for measuring canopy photosynthesis using these new LIFT chlorophyll fluorometers.

Zbigniew Kolber the engineer who develops and builds the LIFT instuments was in Jülich too, Australia was represented by myself and Zbynek Malvenovsky in person as well as Rhys Wyber and Barry Osmond from Wollongong and Robert Coe from CSIRO. The last 3 had it tough doing the graveyard shift on Skype from Canberra and having to eat their dinner  while we had morning coffee. Zbigniew Kolber started the proceedings describing the latest technological advances and potential future developments. Onno Muller, Shizue Matsubara, Uwe Rascher, Roland Pieruschka and Beat Keller described their latest LIFT research in Germany. With excellent back up from Canberra from Rhys and Barry, we reported the Wollongong findings and Christian van der toll and his students gave us an update on solar induced fluorescence and their modelling work. Peiqi told us about work with Zeppelin platforms and Zbynek reported on the Antarctic UAV work. We also had a good spready of plants from moss and arabidopsis to crop canopies.


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Onno gave us a great tour of the wonderful facilities that they have for growing and studying plant phenomics -see some examples in the photos above.

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