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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:34

Congratulations Dr Johanna Turnbull

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This week Johanna Turnbull finalised her PhD thesis corrections and so she is now officially Dr Johanna Turnbull.  We are going to have a really big party at the next graduation cermony with two mossy PhD graduands together.  Well done Dr Johanna!


This picture shows Johanna communing with an Emperor penguin on her way to Casey to do her research.



It's great to see all that hard work come together and synthesised into a PhD thesis. It's a really rewarding part of being an academic seeing all these young researchers blossom into the next generation of scientists.   I can't wait to have the two new books on my shelf.  Now we just need to write up the remaining papers so everyone can read about Dr Johanna and Dr Melinda's exciting research findings!



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Sharon Robinson

Senior Professor at University of Wollongong