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A big thank you to USACH

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After almost a month visiting the Facultad de Quimica y Biologia (Faculty of Chemistry and Biology) at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile it was time for me to come back home. On my last day at the University I gave a lecture to an Undergraduate Class and then in the afternoon the lab prepared a Chilean speciality as a farewell lunch.  We had heard a lot about completos but this was our first taste of the real thing.

The completo is fast food chilean style,  a hot dog variant served with ingredients such as chopped tomatoes, mashed avocado (palta), mayonnaise, sauerkraut,a pickle sauce américaine, Chilean chile sauce and onions etc. There was a huge amount of food and we really enjoyed our lunch.  It was fun trying to assemble them with all the various ingredients and then trying to eat them without making too much mess. A big thank you to Marisol, Andrea and the team for getting it all organised.  


I was also really happy to receive an engraved clock as a farewell gift.  It is a great present to remember all our Chilean friends and also I can keep it on Chile time so I know what they are all up to at USACH and importantly if it is time for a Pisco Sour yet.


Melinda is staying at USACH until January when she will be accompanying Gustavo and his team to King George Island. Then she will be back in Santiago for another month before returning to Australia in early March.

I had a great time at USACH. I was really impressed with the work they are doing and overwhelmed by their hospitality.  A huge thank you to Gustavo and all of the people in the Faculty for making it such a great experience. 


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