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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:34

Spreading the word about Antarctic research

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On Monday I gave a class on Antarctica and our research to a second year Plant Physiology class at Bowdoin College in the US. This was my first experience of doing a remote class and I was glad that I was at the University of Santiago de Chile and could do the class at 12.30pm instead of the middle of the night in Australia.  

I think it is a great idea of Professor Barry Logan to bring in external speakers to enrich his classes and give the students a wider perspective of Plant sciences.  I first met Barry 21 years ago when he was a grad student and I was doing a post doc at RSBS at the ANU in Canberra.  His PhD supervisors were on sabatical and brought two grad students with them. It is a small world because Todd Rosenstiel (Portland State) who we worked with in Antarctica last year also worked in the same lab as Barry. I hope the students enjoyed the class and maybe some of them will be inspired to work with plants or in Antarctica in future.


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Sharon Robinson

Senior Professor at University of Wollongong