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Vineyard LiDAR

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I was in Canberra in the first week of September for the ARC Grants Meeting and to visit Bob Furbank at CSIRO. Bob was trying out a CSIRO LiDAR on his vineyard as part of his ongoing Plant Phenomics research.

Andrew went up to the Barton Estate vineyard on the bright sunny morning when Alex Held and Michael Schaefer were setting up and scanning the vineyard with a CSIRO LiDAR.

Here are some of the photos Andrew took. There is also a brief video on the Multimedia page.



After meeting Bob, Xavier and Berni at CSIRO, Black Mountain in Canberra, Bob gave us a tour of some of their wonderful facilities including the Cropatron (a custom environment controlled greenhouse) where there are growing lots of rice varieties and testing their new LIFT machine. Rhys gave them some advice based on his recent intense LIFT training.

For more on LIFT see the Canopy Resarch Page


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