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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:33

Rhys Wyber does a great job explaining photosynthesis

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During the first year of their PhD, students have to write a Literature review, produce a project proposal and give a seminar.  Together these are the hoops that need to be jumped through to get confirmed in your PhD program. Rhys did his seminar at the postgrad retreat last year and was so impressive he won the prize for the best 1st year talk. Last week he completed the other two components in excellent style, so congratulations Rhys.


The literature review involves reading and synthesising the literature to make sure you are really doing something new and that you can explain the topic to others.  The proposal is the plan for what you want to do and involves thinking about the equipment and support you may need to do the experiments and making sure they are available. The two academics assessing the proposal and review have to be convinced that its enough for a PhD, do-able in 3 years and that all the things you need are available. Rhys managed to convince the committtee that he is well on track, in fact I think we were all stunned by how much data he has collected in his first year. Rhys gave us a mini presentation which included an excellent introduction to the new LIFT instrument.


Luckily the thermal imaging camera arrived the day after so Rhys has had some R & R making thermal selfies!


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