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Sep 23

Time Off

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Having a couple of days off at Jervis Bay. Eagles, dolphins, rays, white sands. Great!



While this blog area is included on the website, don't expect it to be updated too regularly. My intray and inbox are constantly overflowing. However as time allows I might add some musings on the state and direction of scientific endeavour as well as a few interesting articles or science related media that I come across.


And apropos of nothing in particular, the image above is included to liven up the page and shows some different views of mosses and lichens in Antarctica.



 On King George Island, off the tip of the Antarctic penninsula and south of South America. The moss and lichens are great and there is lots of snow.  There are 3 Chilean Bases (army, navy and science!, I'm at the Science one, it is small and sweet.

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