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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:32

ABRS funding launch a buzz of excitement

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University of Wollongong was chosen as the venue to launch the latest $2 million round of grants from the Australian Biological Resources Study (devoted to funding taxonomic research). It caused a buzz in the School of Biological Sciences with A/Prof. James Wallman assisting in the launch with an excellent and entertaining speech.

The Federal Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, the Hon. Bob Baldwin, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Paul Wellings and A/Prof. James Wallman spoke in turn at the launch, looked-on by local media amongst a select group of UOW Science, Medicine and Health Faculty colleagues (including the Robinson Research Group).

"The University was chosen to host the launch because the ABRS grant that Mark Dowton and I recently won (on flesh fly research) was selected by the Government as the ‘flagship’ grant to advertise the importance of the program Australia-wide," James Wallman said.

It gained a report on local WIN news and provided an exciting opportunity to publicise the newly established UOW Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Solutions (CSES). For the latter, there was a PowerPoint slide show in place at the launch promoting CSES with the use of inspiring environmental imagery (yes, including flies!).

The passionately admirable James has also become quite famous over the past couple of months on the ABC network (The Great Australian Fly documentary), throughout the Illawarra Mercury Newspaper and the UOW media. 

The Great Australian Fly


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