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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:31

Training for Antarctica at INACH

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Yesterday we had pre-departure training at INACH ready for our flight to King George Island (Isla Rei Jorge), Antarctica.  We had a medical briefing and then a practical session where I got tied up (see photographs).  

We were practising imobolising people in case of accidents in the field, I was the victim for the hurt in a traffic accident and had to be immbolised in a chair and then put on a stretcher.  I was lucky, the other victims were held upside down on the stretcher just to check they were secure!



We have also been exploring the docks of Punta Arenas. In the photographs you can see the Chilean icebreaker waiting to sail south.  


There is a beautiul clock near the port and it is interesting to see where so many Antarctica explorers have departed from in the past, e.g. Shackelton, Scott and Amundsen.  



We also went past the INACH lab which has an interesting mural of the icebreaker on its side wall.


Our plane was delayed, but hopefully we will be leaving Punta Arenas tomorrow.

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