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I was in Canberra in the first week of September for the ARC Grants Meeting and to visit Bob Furbank at CSIRO. Bob was trying out a CSIRO LiDAR on his vineyard as part of his ongoing Plant Phenomics research.

This years SCAR conference proved to be a resounding success (even with a horrid cold trying to infect us all!). The following talks were all completed without a hitch and with many interesting questions from the attending audiences.

As the SCAR conference continues to inspire and initiate international discussions and collaborations in Antarctic Research, the social programme kicked into gear with the Open Science dinner.

At the SCAR Open Science meeting.

Tim Naish and Carlota Escutia both gave great talks on paleoclimate climate looking at what the past can tell us about the future. 

The Robinson Research Group are in Auckland, New Zealand for the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Open Science Conference (OSC) 2014.

Sharon has brought along 3 of her PhD students: me (Diana), Mel and Rhys. Mel and I are in our final year of our PhD's and Rhys has only just begun. We are all presenting talks on our work (Rhys is talking about his honours work, he hasn't really got a PhD topic sorted out yet!).

Job done in China and now heading of to NZ for the XXXIII SCAR Biennial Meetings and Open Science Conference.

This is a non-official post that was created as a basis for the tutorial on how to post to this blog. Images are from the "The Far Side" by the great cartoonist/philosopher Gary Larson.

I am in Zhengzhou which is the capital and largest city of Henan province in north-central China. I am here for the United Nations Environment Programme Ozone Panel Meeting.

Sep 23

Time Off

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Having a couple of days off at Jervis Bay. Eagles, dolphins, rays, white sands. Great!



While this blog area is included on the website, don't expect it to be updated too regularly. My intray and inbox are constantly overflowing. However as time allows I might add some musings on the state and direction of scientific endeavour as well as a few interesting articles or science related media that I come across.


And apropos of nothing in particular, the image above is included to liven up the page and shows some different views of mosses and lichens in Antarctica.



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