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Friday, 23 September 2016 17:31

Journey South and visit to Great Wall Station

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Sharon and Andrew travelled down on a Chilean Air force Hercules plane and arrived at the Chilean base on King George Island on Saturday night.  It was great to see Melinda, Angelica, Gustavo, Todd, Sarah and the rest of the team.  There are 12 people working on Antarctic plants and lichens here at the moment. On Saturday night there was a reception party to welcome us all to the  base and we met up with the other expeditioners over a few glasses of good Chilean wine.


 On Sunday we had a briefing from the Station Chief Marcello Leppe to introduce us to the Station and then we went straight out on a zodiac boat to the Collins Glacier and started to set up the Open Top chambers for the Chilean and Portland State project.  It was a great day with whales frolicking in the bay, plenty of penguins and lots and lots of moss. This picture shows the volcanic ash layers in the glacier, these are from eruptions on nearby Deception Island. We will write more about the science tomorrow.  






When we got back to Station we were invited to visit to the Chinese station next door, Great Wall Station. So we all travelled over in the 4WD. We had Sunday afternnoon tea with some great snacks and then got a tour of the base.  Here are some pictures of the bell, which is rung on Chinese New Year and the first building. 


Some containers used for transport.


These are the new buildings, which include the science laboratory and the library,  and some Antarctic seaweed that was on display in the labs.  It was great to visit another station.




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