Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Sharon Robinson :: In Antarctica on a snowy day


Global Change

My group is investigating how plants respond to Global Change in Antarctica (see Cool Plants ) and in Australia (Plant Canopies). We are using UAVs to map and monitor Antarctic moss beds. This research involves collaboration with the Universities of Tasmania, Vienna and Cambridge, the Australian Antarctic Division and the British Antarctic Survey.

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Sacred Lotus :: Thermal Image of Sacred Lotus flower parts  


Thermogenesis and Thermoregulation in Plants

We are applying a systems biology approach to elucidate the mechanisms by which certain plants, such as the sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and Philodendron selloum, are able to maintain above-ambient stable temperatures without the complex homeostatic processes present in animals. With Dr Jennifer Watling (University of Adelaide, Australia), and Dr. Kikukatsu Ito, (Iwate University, Japan)

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UV Damaged and Healthy Moss :: A Confocal Microscopy image of Antarctic moss  


 Plant Stress Ecophysiology

Physiological techniques can help to answer many questions in ecology, conservation biology and agriculture. We are currently using a new chlorophyll fluorescence measuring system to monitor productivity and stress in plant Canopies. This research involves collaboration with colleagues at Wollongong (photosynthesis-Barry Osmond; Plants coping with extreme temperatures - Kris French and Ben Gooden) and around Australia (High resolution Plant Phenomics Centre in Canberra


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